Art DJ – Dimos Dendron:
Over 150 visitors were inspired by the first exhibition in Cologne

This was the first showing of the “ART DJ - DIMOS DENDRON“ project  and it is already a “must see“ in the art scene. The art of success and the art of living are the two cornerstones of German-born Dietmar Baum’s life and work. For almost 30 years now, the successful businessman and entrepreneur has dedicated himself to diverse art and design projects. As the first “Art DJ“ in Europe, Baum focuses on photography in his new “DIMOS DENDRON“ project.
Since his (provisional) retirement from an international career in advertising at the end of 2012, Art DJ Dietmar Baum has been involved in the visual arts with his new, sensational concept of portraying art objects in a new light with a different focus. It is the start of a promising photo series initiated by the Art DJ and photographer Tina Papamichalis with works by Anton Fuchs in his Hamburg studio. Baum, a “hedonist” according to his phone directory entry, was already experimenting in professional photography like a painter experiments in colour using his Hasselblad camera back in 1984. The photos are used as elements in new and unique works, created like a DJ creates a sound mix.
The “Black Gold“ series by  Anton Fuchs is portrayed from an entirely new angle, all components, materials and displays are remixed to create a brand new dramatic structure.
Art DJ Dietmar Baum: “Photography in its highest digital form opens up a perspective the likes of which we have never previously experienced. In conjunction with the artistic realisation, it offers a comprehensive range of options for making new statements.”
Art DJ is already working on further photographic works based on works by reputed artists.
All are original photographs without digital processing. They are on Aludibond plates and were created with state-of-the-art, colourfast UV printing techniques. Some are one-offs, others are available as a series of 25 prints.




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