Gallery opening at Atelierhaus 23

      Dietmar Baum and Tini Papamichalis present their works of art

      The Hamburg media have already renamed “Veringkanal“ as “Culture Canal“. Now Wilhelmsburg has another event location that does this name credit.

      On Saturday 23 August 2014 the gallery at Atelierhaus 23 opens its doors for the first time. The exhibition room with bar area and side rooms has the capacity to host events for up to 150 guests. 

      “We’re mainly planning art exhibitions, but there will also be small concerts and other events,“ said artist Susann Wollenberg.

      The opening event showcases a selection of works by various of the gallery’s artists, providing interesting insights into painting, photography and sculpture. Some of the other local galleries will be opening their doors on the same day and all the artists are looking forward to talking to the guests and providing them with deeper insights into their works. 

      Snacks and drinks will be served and the smaller guests will have the chance to paint with genuine artists. The dance studio will be hosting a programme that guests can join in.

      On 11 September 2014 the gallery will be showing a film that reflects its history entitled “Wir hätten auch ins KZ kommen können“ (We could have ended up in the concentration camp). It’s about two women from Hamburg and the Ukraine who were forced labourers at the Merkel Company between 1942 and 1945. A commemorative plaque is also being unveiled.

      “The gallery will be an asset to the Wilhelmsburg district,“ said the delighted Natalija Altenburg, who has an interior design workshop at Atelierhaus 23. “Everyone can attend the events and exhibitions and the room can also be rented at a very reasonable rate.”

      Getting local citizens in Wilhelmsburg involved is one of Atelierhaus 23’s top priorities. “We do this by offering art workshops and dance courses, with the yoga studio’s Capoeira group and with events such as the annual advent market,“ explained dance teacher Kristin Strauss.
      Atelierhaus 23 on Veringkanal is a building with 2000 sq m on three storeys, divided into over 40 galleries, workshops and studios. It is home to artists of various disciplines, photographers, actors, musicians and other creative individuals.



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