Art of seeing MPPO

The Art of Seeing


Main topics covered:

  • Basic subject research
  • How do I perceive my environment?
  • What do I see and what do you see?
  • Why do I photograph a certain subject from a certain angle?
  • What do I expect of myself and my works, and who do I want to reach?
  • Preparation of an own subject and perspective profile, plus documentation
  • The meaning and implementation of the profile
  • Practical application of knowledge learned in a concept with practical exercises
  • Assessment of work results in short interviews


The art of creating a beautiful photograph depends
on many different factors.

For example, you need the right equipment, plus the perfect light and angle to create a truly stunning photograph. But there are also other means and tools you can use to make photos more impressive and expressive without investing in new hardware or software. Concepts and images always have to begin as an idea.

This is the crux of artist and fineart-photographer Dietmar Baum’s workshop. It helps participants to improve the art of seeing. They each discover which subjects inspire them and what criteria can help them to use their own perspectives in a surprisingly new way. Brain research has delivered exciting insights on how to unlock additional creative potential in photography and art. These insights extend from dialogue in portrait photography, the perspective in landscape photography or the arrangement in product photography, and the workshop also presents the latest professional techniques for developing individual photographic skills.

Participants of the very entertaining “Art of Seeing“ workshop learn the basics of subject research, how certain subjects affect our perception and why, and they get a personal subject profile. They learn how to widen their perspective and the theory and practice of how to incorporate that in their photos. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and experts. Own equipment isn’t necessary but can be brought along if you like.



Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea region features diverse coastal landscapes with their own special flair. Most visitors discover that the region has a healing effect on body, mind and soul. With its sun, seawater and seagulls, the Baltic Sea coast is the perfect place to relax. In addition to art photography, this tour focuses on the development and creative utilisation of subjects and the art of “seeing” to breathe life into the photographs. 


The modern, tastefully furnished bungalow “Just B” has a quiet location near to the beach and can accommodate 10 people. It has all the modern appointments and is a truly inspiring place to stay.

A large patio with garden is perfect for relaxation. The comfortable interior has 3 double bedrooms and 2 living/dining areas with comfortable sofa beds. Just B is fitted with 3 flatscreen TVs with DVD players and 2 stereo systems with CD/ iPod/ USB port, 2 modern Bosch fitted kitchens with Küppersbusch dishwashers and ovens with ceramic hobs. There are also three generously sized bathrooms, 2 x shower/WC  and 1 x bathtub/shower/WC with bidet. Naturally, there is also a parking space and a garage.



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